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version:Captain Jack

Lissy Jane

♥ 17 years old
♥ I LOVE reading nora roberts and katie macalister

44, 80s rock, 90s rock, a knight tale, all american rejects, american idol, anime, art, black, blink-182, books, bowling for soup, box car racer, brad pitt, breakfast club, bullshitting, caffine, cds, charmed, cheese, cheshire cat, chic-fil-a, chicken, chocolate, coffee, cold, colin farrel, colin firth, concerts, cookie dough, cooking, ddr, edward scissorhands, elisabeth, emo music, enema of state, england, erik the phantom, evanescence, fall, fan fiction, fruits basket, gone with the wind, good charlotte, graham colton band, greek mythology, green day, guitars, harry potter, hawthorne heights, heath ledger, hellsing, ib, idina menzel, internet, inu-yasha, italy, j.k rowling, jack sparrow, japan, jimmy eat world, johnny depp, katie macalister, kelly clarkson, kickball, king arthur, laughing, legolas, lemons, libba bray, linkin park, london, lord of the rings, love, manga, mark hoppus, miroku, moulin rouge, movies, mulan, music, myspace, no doubt, ocean, old navy, orlando bloom, pacsun, phantom of the opera, pineapple, pink, pirates of the caribbean, playing in the rain, potatoes, procrastinating, punk rock, ramen, randomness, reading, rock, romance, romance novels, sailor moon, sarcasm, seminole high school, sessho-maru, sex lies and vampires, shippo, simling, singing, sirius black, smoothies, star wars, story of the year, strawberries, sum 41, taking back sunday, tatu, teen titans, the clash, the killers, the mall, the nightmare before christmas, the veronicas, the warped tour, three days grace, tom delonge, trapt, travis barker, troy, vampires, viggo mortenson, weasley twins, werewolves, wicked, winter